Killed With in profile not showing guild due to multiple logs

Hello, I have logs in my guild’s calendar, but others have been uploading personal logs. Some of the kills have the guild name in the slot, but others are linking to the personal log of another player, even though we also have a guild log. They’re the same log from the same raid, just one is not associated with the guild.

Is there any way to have the guild log show up rather than the personal log? They’re the same log so it doesn’t super matter, but a little OCD of mine.

For example: My character page Tertha - Grobbulus - Warcraft Logs
Feb 7th guild log Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft
The log actually actually on my character Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

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The highest damage number recorded between logs will be what displays on your profile. Small inconsistencies can lead to slightly different numbers. In this case, the other log has the higher number by a tiny amount, so it shows instead.

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Hmm that may be the case for some of these, however, I think there is something else at play as well. For example, I upload the identical log file to my personal and the guild. I made some of my personal ones private and then the guild one showed, and then I made them public again, and the guild one still showed.

But I can see why the functionality you’re describing is in place. I assume that means that there isn’t an override option to force my guild logs to show on my page other than to ask others to toggle their personal logs? Is there a way I can avoid this in the future? Does live logging to the guild fix this?

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I’m also having the same problem. I tried reuploading the log but the other personal log still overrides my guild log. Does anyone have a solution?

Same as the issue above, if the non guild log has slightly higher DPS. It takes priority over the log that is assigned to the guild.

Sadly there is no way for us to change that, I apologize :(.