Issue with personal logs and character profile

Hi, i was raiding with my guild and got these logs:

as you can see we killed varimatras on heroic, but on my profile the info isn’t showing.

I searched for the solucion and I can tell you

  • Yes, i have the advance combat logging enabled.
  • I’m using the addon loggerhead.

I tried to upload the report twice but the info still is missing, any idea why is this happening?

*Also, I notice people commenting the same so maybe this is an error of the client, and also noticed people saying they had the advance combat loggin enabled but some respond (maybe a mod here? kihra) that those logs were made with the advance combat logging dissabled.

I’m sure i have the option enabled screenshot here

Also, sorry for my english, it’s not my language

EDIT: now the info is showing, thanks you.

Hello i have the same issue here,

My logs are there :

But it isn’t showing up here :