Warcraft Logs listing our kills as wipes

So i’m not sure whats wrong here with my logs but its listing our two kills last night as wipes, even the oneshot kill of Nythendra. I have advanced logging enabled on my options and did not have any problems uploading or live logging in HFC but now i’m having this problem. the only difference that i’m aware of from last x-pac was i normally use an addon “AutoCombatLogger” to log each boss pull but bigwigs was also checked to auto log all boss combat so maybe that was causing an issue? would there be a fix for this at all?


Pretty sure it’s your add-on that logged combat bugging out.

aw that sucks, think there might be some way to recover the log or is it dead and gone?

Hello. The same question.

Nope, nothing I can do on my end if info is missing.