Impossible to get rank on new logs upload

Since Yesterday my logs not working. I can import them but rank never show up :

It’s for every turns. And I think it started after ACT plugin… Ver

Is it a bug with update ? feeling sad, I did a correct dps x)

Here is log file :

Edit 12/04/18 : Talking with some mates, they said rank cannot appear because FFlogs thinks boss haven’t been killed. and when I look at ACT he said the same… but reallity is : we killed him x).
Maybe i’m missing any settings ? but it’s the 1st time I had this problem since the last update… I will try to ulpload some new logs with new and older plugin version. uploading logs from Heavensward Savage x)

ACT and your ingame language must be the same
Had the same prob

uhhh ! maybe you are right ! I recently changed my game language (switch FR to EN).
So it means my actual parse RIP ? :s I will cry T.T

Edit 13/04/18 : It works with older ACT plugin version… game language did nothing…
So last version isn’t working for me ! sniff.