I can't manage my guild

Hello, I have a big problem:

I have my warcraftlogs account linked to my Battelnet. but the guild I am in does not detect me, besides that I am the GM and I do not know how to get the code to enter the guild …

Could you give me the GM of my guild?
And that my guild appears in my warcraftlogs profile.

My guild name: Jailers-Sanguino

My character: Darkar-Uldum

Attached image.


You need the guild code from your Officers/GM, since your guild has chosen not to use automatic Battle.net management and is instead requiring a code to be used.

I am the GM of the brotherhood and I do not have any code, the officer who had access to that code has left the brotherhood and we cannot contact him,

Could you give us a code?

Do you need some kind of proof that I’m the GM?

I will contribute what it takes