How to set guild logo?

Hi all,

I am a guildmaster and I find some of guilds can set their own logo on the website.
So anyone could help me with that? Cheers!


Under guild settings, you want to connect to your guild’s twitter account and check the box to use the twitter profile’s icon.

I’m officer of our Guild and i tried to add our guild’s twitter account, but it doesn’t save it.
What am i doing wrong?

After setting the Twitter account, you then check the box saying you want to use the icon.

I dont See this Box. Everytime i Click „change“ and reload afterwards, the „Setting“ is gone. Also, there is no checkbox

Are you an officer in the guild on WCL? If it’s manually managed, your rank on WCL may not match your rank in-game.

Im an Officer in my Guild at wcl, yes. And yes its manually managed

Im GM of my guild and I never saw this checkbox you’re talking about. I’ve been trying to set a guild logo multiple times but every time I ‘save changes’ the changes are not applied, or the checkbox doesn’t appear at all

Are you setting to valid twitter handle?

Is this possible to set for classic tbc guild. I cant se checkbox also, I am officer in guild and I manage logs so i am gm on warcraft logs.

Whats the guild name and server?

Guild is Blacklisted server Ashbringer EU.

Tried with 4 different pc Web browsers, and on Android Phone also. When i used Warcraftlogs Twitter it showed icon and checkbox, so im assuming that it have to do something with my Twitter settings? Just not sure which one.

This should be fixed now.