Linking Character to a Guild

Hi, I’m new to Warcraft Logs. I have created the guild, and created raid teams. I can join a raid team but not the guild with my toon. How can I get my toons to actually link to my guild? I checked WOW forums, and it does show my guild with my toon, there. I feel like I’ve try to click through all that I could think of. Thanks in advance! (For Classic - Wotlk)

Hi there, on Classic you have to update your Blizzard forum activity by for example liking a post with that character selected. Once that is done, you can click Update on the Warcraft Logs character page (in the top right) and it will update your guild.

Hi, I tried that again and it did not work. The wow forums is showing my characters in the guild but when I hit update on the warcraft logs, it still doesn’t show the guild affiliated with that toon. :frowning:

And the guild is created on the Warcraft Logs site with matching name of the ingame guild? Please note its case sensitive.

Can you link the guild page and show a screenshot of the character activity on Blizzard forums?