Guild name not updating via

We changed our guild name from Prëdation to Predation. Everyone in the guild is still showing up on WCL via as members of Prëdation even though that guild has been deleted, and has our roster updated properly.

We are on Area 52 US. I originally posted this in the guild control section, and I apologize for reposting… I just don’t think it’s a control issue, I think it’s a bug.

I fixed this for you, but note that all you had to do was go to Edit Guild Information under Settings and change your name to the one you wanted. Then you could go to the Characters pane and re-import your roster.

Anyway, I did these things, so you should be set now.

Thanks! I did try to reimport it and it wasn’t updating properly. We noticed a problem on wowprogress today too which got resolved just an hour ago with some issues we saw on our armory, so it may have been something wonky on At any rate, thanks again!