Guild Control Requests



Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: East of Eden
Realm: CN-寒冰皇冠

No one still in the guild has the access to the currently created one so requesting the control of the page to be able to log asap


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name:The Shadow Raiders EU

I am rank GM



Since our previous logging members left since a while, we currently cannot upload guild logs. With Antorus coming, we would like to use it properly again, and it appears that I (IG name Shufeng) am in charge.

(1) Game is WoW
(2) Guild name is “Les Larmes du Phoenix”, on the Hyjal (EU) server.

Thanks for your help.


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild name: Dark Intent
Realm: Magtheridon EU
Hi due to some changes in ranks within our guild and our gm not being active on logs. i would like to be gave control of the guild i am rank 2


Need the server, since your guild name is not unique.


Dear Sir/Madam

Many thanks for getting back to me very sorry Draenor server

Thank you


Haven’t had any response on this as I’m still showing as an officer and Deryck as GM. He is no longer playing and I have GM power of the guild.


(1) The fame World of Warcraft
(2) Guild Name Killer Klowns Azralon-US
My character is healingsongs on Azralon-US and i’m the GM


Your guild uses automatic management. Just link your characters and you’ll be put in automatically.


Game: wow
Guild: Forsaken dreams - Sanguino (EU)
I am rank 0 in game GM
I can’t take the control to upload the logs


Game: WoW
Server: Eredar-EU
Guild: Integrity

Promote “Andrejoki” to GM, please (as he already is in game).


Game: WoW
Guild Name: Reprisal - Whisperwind US

I am the current GM


Draenor server


Draenor server Europe server


Game : FF
Guild name : Magna Carta
Realm : Shiva

There is already a guild on FFlog called Magna Carta, i guess the guild renamed in game since they are now called “Rahlgr’s Bund”. Is it possible to rename their guild on FFLog so we can create ours ? Thanks


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Shadowkings
Realm: Malfurion (EU)
Character: Falandiel

I am not the GM, I just want to activate logs, cause no one else in our raid does it and the GM has no idea what is to do ;-).


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Grimhorn Tribe
Realm: Draenor (US)

I am the original creator of this guild account on Warcraft Logs and the primary person (perhaps only) who ever uploaded logs. For some reason, I no longer have guild access for uploading/editing. My guild rank is 2 (which is officers for our guild). Automatic membership/management does not seem to be working.


Game: WoW
Guild: 塞拉摩(CN) Aaleaxtrasza

Current GM on the logs was an old officer who quit ages ago. Im the GM ingame on my character “Aalextrasza” and an officer on logs. My account in WCL is Aaleax, please promote 'Aaleax’to GM.
Thanks for the help.


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild: I Donut Know (EU) Frostmane

I am rank 1 which is officer in our guild. I can’t take Control over the guild. I’m Zázoo in game. Would love to get some help so I don’t have to upload logs to a fake Guild-name anymore :slight_smile: