Guild Control Requests


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Sons of Korhal - Malorne-EU


Everything looks fine with Sons of Korhal. It’s using automatic management.


Game- WoW
Guild- Markipeeps - Ursin (US)

A guildie created a log way last year and I would like to control the logs for the guild as the raid leader, rank 2.


Ok, only GM get Officer with automatic Management??? Is the GM able to add more Officers??


1 World of Warcraft
2 Työmaa on Darksorrow-EU

I’m the guilds GM. My Warcraftlogs username is kamppi.


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: The Avowed - Stonemaul US

I am the GM. The Co-GM that started the logs has left the guild.


Game: World of Warcraft
PuG Mercenary Company - Kargath US

I’m the GM now - rank 0 on Ndianagnomes


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Hope n Despair - Blackmoore EU

Old GM quit and did not give me ( Jura - on Page,Jurà - Ingame ) the GM on the Page.


GAME: Final Fantasy XIV
GUILD NAME: Shinies! - Midgardsormr

My Char: Jandarin Chalfont

Thank you!


Just gonna reply with a “up” here since i still need that GM on our Logs.

Would appreciate if this could be fixed, thanks in advance !

thanks thanks~


World of Warcraft
Gaymers United - Proudmoore US


Fixed! Thank you!


Game : WoW
Guild: The Iron Council - Twisting Nether (EU)
GM: Dharkas

My account is linked to battle net but it shows me as a member.

Edit : Fixed, thanks.


1.Game: World of Warcraft
2.Guild Name: DreamOn-奥特兰克-CN

My guild WCL he is leave this game, but he forgot the guild code and he is the Guild Leader for 疾风小萨-奥特兰克-CN
everyone is can’t Join the guild so i hope the leader transfer the possession of me My WCL

That’s a lot THKS.

  1. Game: World of Warcraft
  2. Guild Name: Exiles-Bleeding Hollow

Old GM quit playing I am the current GM now Itchy and would like to control the logs because the old GM won’t even talk to me to help me control them because he is away forever


Does your guild name contain any special characters?


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild: Elemente - Zirkel des Cenarius (EU)

After the person handling WCL for us left it seems the Guild is on automatic rooster management with no one above recruit rank for some reason (I’ve an idea why, but, well doesn’t matter really). It would be nice if you could fix that for us.




Thanks for the fast reaction. I’m afraid it does not solve our problem though. Now Shazdeh and me got member rank. Still not allowing us to do much. Problem is the ‘In Game’ GM is currently only semi active, not raiding and does not have an account here anyway.
So if you could make Shazdeh or me GM for Elemente on WCL (probably requires toggling of automatic roster management if I understood it correctly) we would really appreciate it.

Sorry for the bother,



World or warcraft, on Hyjal, guild name is sleepless knights, not sure who made them, but i need to get control so i can start posting logs


Your guild is managed, so just link your characters, and you should be good to go.