Guild Control Requests


Hi Kihra

Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Дифференс - Soulflayer RU

I am rank 1: Манкиконг. Thanks!!!



I would like to have an acces to my guild logs. Our guild master allowed me to create guild logs.

(1) WoW
(2) Nostess Damus on EU Elune

Thank you.



I (Hadronix-Shu’halo Primalbeauty-Shu’halo) has permission from the previous Guild Leader to upload logs, but we need the Guild Leader rank to be updated so we can continue verifying players into the guild to view Private Logs.

Game: World of Warcraft
Guild name: Undead Legion - Eitrigg US
Current Guild Leader’s Username: Shadoen (Listed as Member)
^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ Main Character: Ashyah-Eitrigg

Thank you for your time. :slight_smile:


Greetings! Did link to Battle net, but unfortunately I am unable to link to correct guild. Have had other guildies try it and they are getting same problem when they link to Battle net, puts them in some other TWSS. It might be because there is a special character in our guild name, regrettably.


This guild does not appear to exist. You should be able to just make it (or it will be made for you if you link to and import your characters).


Can we get Apex (US-Bronzebeard) reset back to automatic control and/or transferred to the guildleader? Studboy is the guild leader and shows as rank 0 but can’t set the settings, so I assume the guild was created by someone else and he has no control or ability to change it himself.


I have check and now this guild appears to be inactive.
I am not Rank 0 or 1.
Can you give me the control of the guild by the way ? If is it possible…

Thank you.


Did you mean Nostress and not Nostess? I think you mistyped the name. Just double checking.


Nostress Damus
I am sorry my bad.


World of Warcraft, guild : Triggered - Kil’jaeden (US)

account name : Halloseve


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Purge
Realm: Antonidas (EU)
Character: Mythrana

hello there, i sent a email some days ago too,
the guild was set to manual due to second raid (got to raids running) left and didnt assign new admin.

how i said, i sent an email to for more explaination.

thank you


Game: WoW
Guild : Lootworks
Server: Bleeding Hollow

Previous logger has left the game, I am rank 1 in the guild (Rakao)


Hi, I’m managing the World of Warcraft guild
"Tomorrow will be better" on Illidan (US)
link is

currently no one is managing this guild, because the guy previously managing this guild has left the guild, so I’m taking over the management responsibility of the log uploading. I can’t join this guild on to upload my log to this guild, my battlenet account has been linked. anyway I can join this guild to upload my log?

My user name of is qq346841395



Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Guild Name: Tonberry - Orphans of Hydaelyn

I’m the guild master but i have no control over the logs.


The Game: Wow
Guild: The Dignified - Blade’s Edge - US

I’m their official “Recorder of Deeds”… because no one else knows how to deal with combatlogs… lol.


The Game: WoW
Guild: Genetics - Outland - EU

I am the Guild Master & have been for a long time now, i cannot get control of the logs & would really appreciate your help.

  1. World of Warcraft
  2. Noodle Factory on Sargeras (US)

I am GM. Proof-

Guilds logs-

Please give me control of the guilds logs, the old owner quit the game a long time ago. Kihra, Jelly said hi.


Hello and many thanks for the GOOOODD work:

1.World of Warcraft
2. Sang Pøur Sang on Sargeras (EU)

New Guildmaster : Yøhkun

Link to guild :øur_Sang/roster?sort=rank&dir=a

Please give Yøhkun GMs rights, the player who created the account went to other guild.

Best regards



  1. WoW
  2. Memento on Auchindoun (EU)

The guildmaster of the warcraft logs is not playing any more. and im the only officer on the warcraft logs. hope u can give me guildmaster over it.

Best regards Ryrka


Super Cute Best Friends

Horde - Warlock

I’m Charles, the GM