Guild Control Requests


Game : World of Warcraft
Guild Name : Shadow Knights Cho’Gall (EU)

Name character : Arquandis

I’m rank 1 in game as Co Leader with GM who don’t use logs


Veterans on Chromaggus


Game: WOW
Guild: Pröject Mayhem on Tichondrius (US)

I am the GM, Chokingvictm

Thanks for your help!


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild Name: Conqueror on 试炼之环 (CN)

The guild page was created by anonymous and it showed that inactive. would you please active the Guild and I wonder if I can take the control to upload the WCL for the team.

many thanks in advance.


Hello, the guy who was managing our page quit and we can’t manage to contact him.

1: World of Warcraft
2: Sinners Sanctum - Ragnaros EU - I am rank 1; Officer

Thank you!


1: World of Warcraft
2: Tinker Town Maffia - Ravencrest EU -

I am ranked member, but there are no other higher ranks. My character is also leader of Tinker town maffia on the same realm. Would like to use the official name so i can link characters.


(1) World of Warcraft
(2) The Stonemasons - Moon Guard (US)

Character: Lycannon

I am the current GM of this guild in game. Old GM set up the logs account and no longer plays. Would like to take control for logging.


Game World of Warcraft

Guild Берёзовый сок server Howling Fjord EU

im a rank 1. rank 0 is GM. We cant take control for guild, my Bnet acc Http://Нубасько/simple

And our guild name is wrong, In your site Березовый сок (with Е 4 simbol 1 word), in game - Берёзовый сок (with Ё 4 simbol 1 word).
and i cant create guild with right name.


I would like to take controll of my guilds

guild name:傾城殿 on 燃烧之刃 (CN)

  1. world of warcraft
  2. Ënigma ( must have 2 dots above E alt code 0203 ) server illidan US
  3. i am GM of guild there is a guild i can see that does not have the special e and i cannot add logs to it… currently my logs are being added to darkspear which was our old guild and we switched servers. when i try to find our current guild nothing shows up.ë/simple



Game: World of Warcraft
Guild: Fat Pandas on US-Tichondrius

I am the gm but when I try to take control of the guild page it says I am not rank 0 or 1 even though I am bnet linked though my account.


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild: The Admiral Duncan
Realm: Draenor - EU

The guild is set to BNet managed but neithe the GM nor I can see management options or upload logs… thanks in advance!


It’s not. It’s set to Manual management. I’ll change it for you.


Game: World of Warcraft
Guild: Thats What She Saíd
Realm: Zul’jin - US

I am the GM, however I am unable to take control of the guild. Please advise. Thanks!


Game : wow
guild : LootnScoot Whisperwind (us)

I had our off tank logging the fights but he has quit i am the current gm of the guild and want control of this please thank you


1: World of Warcraft
2: Avid Indoorsmen on Ysera

I’ve been posting out logs on my personal account, but want to get them underthere for attendance/ect

  1. World of Warcraft
  2. PALS FOR LIFE - Kel’Thuzad

I am the GM and would like to take control of the guild logs.


Link your and you should be good.


Game: WoW
Guild Name: Ad Victoriam Equustritum - Antonidas EU

I am rank 0: Tarwii. Thanks