[GraphQL call] - Woltk - GameData


I’m currently trying to retreive data from the APIV2

The GraphQL query i do look like

query {
	characterData {	
	character(name: "Sypsô" serverSlug: "Sulfuron" serverRegion: "EU")	{

The answer i get

	"data": {
		"characterData": {
			"character": {
				"gameData": {
					"error": "This game does not support cached game data."
				"name": "Sypsô"

From my understanding, it is not possible to get “GearData” from a character, because there is no armory on “Classic”.

Is there a way to retreive the “GearData” of a character from an API call ?

Edit: ok i was able to retreive information on retail. I guess it’s not possible to call the armory for classic

How does Warcraft Log retreive gear data if we are unable to access the armory for classic ?

Edit 2 : Uhm, i guess you retreive the gear when you get “logs” about a character :slight_smile: