Gnomeregan - Grubbis

How does the timer on Grubbis work? I see some logs starting at the start of the encounter with the trash, and some logs only start when Grubbis is engaged.

Hey there, we’ve just pushed a change to Grubbis that excludes Phase 1 (with adds) and makes it downtime. Damage done to adds is fully excluded. Reports can be re-exported, but we will also be recrawling to reprocess all the logs after making more changes. The best place to keep up with SoD changes is on our discord - Warcraft Logs

Thank you for the prompt reply! I would like to commend the responsiveness of the people looking after WCLogs. Will read up on the updates in the discord.

This seems to have broken healer logs?

If you look at just the boss fight portion the hps is significantly higher than what is represented.

We’re probably going to remove the downtime from the first phase. So this will be fixed when we do that!

Have a great day,