[FF] Wrong FC name on ranking


I was wondering something, last night I uploaded our A5S discovery night and in our ranking for Hummelfaust some of us were tagged with our old FC name and others were simply not showing (unless going directly to character’s page). I was wondering if this is normal, if the server willl eventually refresh character’s information from the lodestone and then we’ll see the ranking in the right FC, or do we have to do something ?

To give you more informations : All 8 players in this Log were from the same FC a week ago (Lost-Legion), since then, we all quit, and some of us joined a new one (Wipe Spirit) others (like me) are without FC, when we left, I was the one managing Logs on your website so I gave rights to someone else and leave the FC but in my Settings and Character’s information I am still listed as a Lost-Legion member (even after deleting all imported char. and imported it back). And last night, when I uploaded a new log, Me and some others where ranked as Lost-Legion members instead of behing ranked as Wipe Spirit or without FC.

Some links :

Go to the Characters tab of both FCs. Click the Update link at the bottom to get their rosters completely up to date.

Then go to any report where the FC name is wrong and go to the Rankings page for that report. Click the Export button. When the rankings re-process they will have the right FC.

FC rosters do update periodically automatically (like once per week), so this would eventually fix itself, but the above is how to do it immediately.

Thank you very much, it worked like a charm :slight_smile: