Feature Request: Allow manual adding of characters to guilds

Problem: I’ve got a static, but we’re not in a guild, but just a linkshell. I’d like to add them to a pseudo-guild so we can find ourselves in the whole “Guild Execution/Guild Speed” sections as well as keep things orderly. I’m mostly assuming that the reason our parses don’t count for that is because we’re not actually in the guild.

Temporary Solution: Allow someone to add characters manually to the “Character” tab in the guild menu.

Final Solution: Allow the forming of Statics in addition to guilds.

Hope it makes sense the way I’ve written it. As a statistics nerd I love the site greatly, great job on it!

Yeah this is on my list of improvements to make. You can actually make fake guilds right now, but they don’t validate against Lodestone as a Free Company, so aren’t eligible to rank yet. I plan to fix this, although my concern is that people will do what they did on Warcraft Logs pre-validation and make dumb fake guilds that end up ranking (that aren’t statics or Free Companies, but just some person’s misunderstood personal logs).

Ah yeah, I can see that happen. Quite a tricky problem to solve as well… maybe make it so people can only add their own characters to the guild and then only validate the log for that guild if it contains those people? It’s really hard to do for FFXIV since linkshells play quite a big role.

Kinda unrelated, but is there a way to help out with the Problems tabs of fights? It is probably the feature I like the most (if only to link it to people when they say they did everything right lol) and if there’s some way to help get it in faster I wouldn’t mind doing that.

Best way to help with Problems panes is to tell me what should be in them.

This has been implemented and will be live in about 5 minutes. I’m preparing a front page post to talk about it.