[Feature Request] Add player attributes at the ranking page


Add player enhancement attributes (crit, haste, mastery, versatility) at the ranking page (for example: this page), right of the “Talents/Trinckets” column.


Why do we need this feature:

“Talents/Trinkets” columns is easy for us to compare DPS between different builds. Further more, what if we try to compare different attributes? Take affliction warlock for example, is mastery>haste>crit>versatility always works? Is there any special attribute combinations which can deal with some specific build? These questions are valuable for, at least DPS players.


I’m a Chinese World of Warcraft player, and I’ve participated some WarcraftLogs localization work(Dave gave me some assignments, back to 2015). I would be happy to contribute on this request if possible.

Thanks in advance!

Main problem is I don’t have accurate attributes. Temporary buffs from pre-pull can modify the attributes.

Well, that’s a big problem I haven’t considered before. What if we just add the initial attributes, and “ignore” this problem? I wonder if this works for most of the cases.

Our team developed a userscript which enables this feature (the problem [@Kihra ] mentioned above has been ignored).



The problem with a script like this is that it is presumably loading all 200 reports. That’s essentially a malicious script as far as I’m concerned, since that’s going to create huge load if it were to become widespread.