"Failed to parse the update descriptor file"

This error shows up despite me not editing any files. I cleared appdata and reinstalled and the error still occurs.


I was able to upload some logs this morning, but now I also get this error. I have not performed any system updates or changed any settings.

I tried uninstalling Adobe Air and fflogs uploader and I still receive the exact same error as Kaiza, value id and all.

Version specification of update.xml(on web) is incorrect.
I think that the dot is a comma.

Got this error too, I installed the update manually but cannot log in and still get the same error with v15.3.

Same as everyone else. Also got this error. Reinstalling Adobe AIR and the Uploader and deleting the Appdata folder would not get rid of the error. I ignore the error but, it doesn’t let me log in. x: