External Buffs: Bugs & Improvements

2 external buffs have become bugged and are no longer tracking in the newly added external Buffs column:

  • Conqueror’s Frenzy (325862)
  • Windfury Totem (327942)

Here is the R1 Shriekwing Feral log with Banner & Windfury: Link
Leaderboard with 0 buffs shown: Link

Two other improvements:

  • Remove Benevolent Faerie tracking for Brewmaster Monks as it provides no offensive gains (reduces Fortifying Brew).
  • Set a minimum duration uptime for Benevolent Faerie and Conqueror’s Banner. In this example, the person only had Faeries for 2 seconds accidentally, which gave them a ‘1’ on their buff column. Maybe a threshold of 5 seconds would work, so you don’t get flagged for accidentally walking over a warrior during their banner or catching a spot heal from a priest.