Expansion All Stars - ZG/AQ20 excluded?


I was curious how expansion all stars is calculated. Is onyxia included but ZG/Aq20 is not?

My profile displays some current phase rankings like bwl/aq40/MC, but then for some reason it shows a previous phase’s ranking like my phase 3&4 onyxia ranking of 1100~ instead of a rank 28 AQ20.

I’m just curious how the formula for this metric is determined, and why onyxia is included by AQ20 is not.

Thank you for any insight you can provide!

If you are viewing a 40-man zone, then expansion all stars shows 40-man raids. If you select a 20-man zone, then expansion all stars will show all 20-man raids.

That makes sense, not sure how I didn’t notice this before. Thank you for your response!

THanks for all!