Error then i will be link my account with Battelnet

Hi i becomes a 404 error when i will be link my account with I can’t upload logs for the guild.

We need a map.

		Server Error: 404 (Not Found)

		What does this mean?

		We couldn't find the page you requested on our servers. We're really sorry
	        about that. It's our fault, not yours. We'll work hard to get this page
		back online as soon as possible.
                Perhaps you would like to go to our home page?

That’s odd. What is the page that it’s trying to load that gives you a 404?

oh sorry here is the link

I have the same Problem.
please hint me towards a solution.


Remove WCL from your list of Authorized Applications in Unlink. Relink and this time make sure to give WCL full permissions.

Also make sure your account is verified.

I already did that and i can only allow the permission thats already checked in. my bnet acc is verified for several years now. so this shouldnt be the issue here.

I just did it all again 2 Times and still get the same error message.

Any new information yet?
cant really use this site much as of now.

This is extremely difficult for me to debug, since I can’t just pretend to be you. I don’t have your username or password for, so when things go wrong in this process, it’s very hard for me to even tell why.

What region are you in, e.g., EU, NA, etc.? Note that the CN region is not supported, since Blizzard took the API down for CN months ago and has yet to bring it back up.

Subregion would be helpful too in terms of narrowing this down (e.g., Russia, France, Germany etc.)

EU Germany, just as the fellow who started the thread was in EU region as well.
Thanks for your time mate.

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Does this not work on Chrome - Webbrowser or something?

I have a suspicion. Try using “” rather than “” and see if it works.

Thanks alot, this solved it for me.

So i will just be using the english version from now on :slight_smile:

Awesome. Now that I know that’s the reason, I can fix it to work with the other languages.

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