Dungeons Not Logging Properly But Raids Are Fine

Hi Guys,

I record logs via the Desktop App using the Live Logs option. For raids it works perfectly with Boss fights and Trash fights recorded separately in all their glorious detail but when I do the exact same thing for Mythic+ dungeons it records the entire dungeon run as one big pull with no separation between Boss and Trash fights. It’s all one big jumbled mess that’s not really useful.

Here’s an example of a dungeon not logging properly:

Here’s an example of a perfectly logged raid:

Can anyone suggest why this might be and what I can do to fix dungeon logging?


The run is ranked as a single encounter (since it obviously has to be). You can still filter to boss encounters and trash, etc., using the phases menu just to the right.

Thanks for replying, but you didn’t click the link. You can’t filter down and select bosses and trash.

It’s all grouped together.

You should see a dropdown to the right of the selected dungeon that says “Bosses and Trash”… you can filter to bosses only, trash only, or to specific bosses from that menu.

I completely missed it. You’re right, it’s there.

Thank you :slight_smile: