Display and calculation bug

europe->cerberus->warrior, top warrior is recorded at

1 Pharis Aurellion Pandamonium Cerberus (EU) 3.2 943.2 Thu Feb 25 2016 8m 45s

but when you click on the parse


37 Pharis Aurellion 10.39%, 337.1k, 89.27%, 718.9, 641.8

and the guy has 116 points even thou he did less dps then the second ranked (on both the a5s and faust)

so not just a display bug (calculation too)? or something else?

edits: mostly typoes

There was a bug with the anti-coagulant damage done to the minotaur being counted as a tank’s damage. It’s been fixed, but I must have missed re-exporting that parse. Should be fixed now. IF you see any other discrepancies like that, you can just go to the Rankings page for the report and click the Export button to fix.