Could someone explain how guild control works?

I was wondering if someone could explain how guild control works in wcl. Right now I show as a Member in my guild’s log character listing. I’m an officer of the guild. Should our GM register and claim ownership of the guild, if so how does he do this? Also, if someone needs the guild code so that they can be registered and start adding logs, how do I get this or is this something only the GM can do?

I don’t see any settings or controls or options in the logs area for my guild to create raid teams, set ranks or ownership or set a guild code so I must be missing something.

Thank you,

If it’s using Automatic membership, then as people create accounts on WCL and claim their characters, then they’ll be placed in the guild automatically. Ranks are determined using cutoffs, with the default being 0 = Guildmaster and 1 = Officer. If your guild has a different ranking scheme, e.g., Officers are rank 2 or higher, then you can either let me know what cutoff you want and I’ll fix it for you, or you can have your Guildmaster create an account and claim his characters, and then he could set it. Either way works.

Thank you! I will find out.

Hi there. Our officer rank is 4, and below is a link to my guild, does this tell you what you need to know?

Just wanted to say thank you for fixing this for us. :slight_smile: