Confused About Public Logs

I’d love some clarity on this situation. When I look up my name from the name page, this is what I see when I look at LFR Archimond kills:

It says my last kill was on May 8th.

If I look at my personal logs at:

It says my last Archimond kill was on May 15th.

I’m wondering how it is that some things appear on that page if you look at my name versus what I see when I look at my personal logs. It seems like when guilds post the runs, my logs show up on one page (the public lookup page) whereas my personal logs only seem to reflect logs I upload. Is there a way to merge them or make sure that my personal logs appear on the page that people see when they look me up?

Thanks in advance

Edit: The reason I ask this is because on the public character page, I can get an idea of how I’ve done over time on a particular boss. But in my personal log, I only see the logs for that raid. I would manually have to go back in the calendar to see how I did in the past.

The character page separates out kills by difficulty. Click the “Normal” button to see normal mode kills.

Thank you, I think I see the problem there. I was looking at two different difficulties. What about this one then. I did heroic Archi today.

Here is my personal log:

But it doesn’t show up here:

My heroic Manny kill shows up fine