Command line option for client

is it possible to add a command line option for the client to start it into live logging mode?
This way I can write a script to start live logging everytime I launch wow on raid nights.

This exists.


Thank you!

Hm, except it’s not working for some reason. It does launch and goes straight to live logging with the
description I used but the “Go!” button has the spinning animation and never goes past that. If I hit home
and select live logging and click “Go!” it works immediately. Am I missing something?

FWIW, I edited the shortcut and added the argument at the end:
“C:\Program Files\Warcraft Logs Uploader\Warcraft Logs Uploader.exe” livelog=test

Yeah, might just be broken. Used to work in Adobe AIR, might have broken it for the Electron port. Will file a bug about it.