Classic TBC - Logs are ranking me as Cat DPS when I'm Bear


So recently my guild did Gruul’s lair and we did not have a boomkin to tank Kriggler, so I was assigned to tank him as bear just so no one gets polymorphed. However the log put me as cat DPS even though I was tanking Krigger as bear through most of the fight (until switching to cat on High King Maulgar, but most of my abilities were still bear).

Is this happening just because I switched to cat after Kriggler was dead to deal more damage to High King Maulgar?
From what I’ve seen Warriors are put as tanks if they are Defensive Stance for 35% or more of the fight, does this rule not apply to Druids with bear form and cat form too?

The log that put me as cat DPS instead of bear tanking (My character is Zoosi): Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

Seems like the issue is resolved now, not sure if there was any change or if the log simply corrected itself after a while.