Classic: Tanking warriors appearing as druids

I uploaded a log of our guild’s Wednesday BWL/Ony/MC clear, and in all fights 3 of our tanking warriors are appearing as various flavours of druid!

Here’s the log:

Dyt, Tincan and Nobody are all warriors.

I can’t think of anything I’ve done on the upload side to cause this, I haven’t changed any settings from the last time it worked.

To Kihra: Thanks for your time and for making such an amazing website, WaracraftLogs is quite possibly my most favourite website of them all and a big inspiration for my own projects

Same here =>

It involves Soulshed, Rokka and Hatlaes.

Just took another look and they’re back to being warriors! I don’t know if the log was re-exported, but it’s fixed :slight_smile: