Classic log stuck on Reading combat log 0% (MacOS Catalina)

Hey guys,

I tried to log my first CLASSIC raid tonight using warcraft logs, i have been logging retail raids for years with no problems, but this log (which looks totally fine to me) won’t upload at all. The uploader just sticks on “reading combat log” at 0% and never moves.

Any ideas please? It was our very first raid as a guild so i am keen to be able to use it as you can imagine.


I am using MacOS Catalina and im wondering if warcraft logs needs to be given some kind of security permissions somewhere to access the disk, because it just stays on reading at 0%

I went into ragefire chasm and killed like 3 mobs, and made a tiny combat log which also loks fine, however that wont upload either. So that means that its not my raid log but some probelm i am having with the client, please help!

Ok so the plot thickens, i just went into retail wow, did the same thing in ragefirechasm and the log uploaded with no problems at all. Now im totally at a loss :frowning:

Need Advanced Combat Logging enabled. Network pane of System preferences in-game.

I fixed the bug in the uploader that kept the error message telling you about this from showing.


I’m having the exact same problem as the poster above, but I’m on a Windows 10 Machine.

I have Advanced Combat Logging enabled and I’m using the /combatlog command when starting and ending my desired logging time. Still stuck at Reading Combat Log (0%)…

I have added a few lines of the WoWCombatLog file below, this was just me in durotar killing level 8 mobs:

12/4 14:54:52.575 SPELL_CAST_START,Player-4465-00535AC9,“Grimzzy-Golemagg”,0x511,0x0,0000000000000000,nil,0x80000000,0x80000000,75,“Auto Shot”,0x1
12/4 14:54:53.020 SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS,Player-4465-00535AC9,“Grimzzy-Golemagg”,0x511,0x0,Creature-0-4469-1-143-3100-000067BF74,“Elder Mottled Boar”,0x10a28,0x0,75,“Auto Shot”,0x1,Player-4465-00535AC9,0000000000000000,100,100,0,0,0,-1,0,0,0,1154.20,-4263.79,1411,0.9629,60
12/4 14:54:53.556 PARTY_KILL,Player-4465-00535AC9,“Grimzzy-Golemagg”,0x511,0x0,Creature-0-4469-1-143-3100-000067BF74,“Elder Mottled Boar”,0x10a28,0x0
12/4 14:54:53.556 RANGE_DAMAGE,Player-4465-00535AC9,“Grimzzy-Golemagg”,0x511,0x0,Creature-0-4469-1-143-3100-000067BF74,“Elder Mottled Boar”,0x10a28,0x0,75,“Auto Shot”,0x1,Creature-0-4469-1-143-3100-000067BF74,0000000000000000,0,100,0,0,0,-1,0,0,0,1172.19,-4255.90,1411,3.5020,8,343,362,187,1,0,0,0,nil,nil,nil
12/4 14:54:53.762 UNIT_DIED,0000000000000000,nil,0x80000000,0x80000000,Creature-0-4469-1-143-3100-000067BF74,“Elder Mottled Boar”,0x10a28,0x0
12/4 14:54:54.345 SPELL_CAST_FAILED,Player-4465-00535AC9,“Grimzzy-Golemagg”,0x511,0x0,0000000000000000,nil,0x80000000,0x80000000,14290,“Multi-Shot”,0x1,“Can’t do that while moving”
12/4 14:54:54.507 SPELL_CAST_START,Player-4465-00535AC9,“Grimzzy-Golemagg”,0x511,0x0,0000000000000000,nil,0x80000000,0x80000000,14290,“Multi-Shot”,0x1
12/4 14:54:54.957 SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS,Player-4465-00535AC9,“Grimzzy-Golemagg”,0x511,0x0,Creature-0-4469-1-143-3123-000067C86F,“Bloodtalon Scythemaw”,0x10a48,0x0,14290,“Multi-Shot”,0x1,Player-4465-00535AC9,0000000000000000,100,100,0,0,0,-1,0,0,0,1158.39,-4255.66,1411,1.2279,60
12/4 14:54:56.004 PARTY_KILL,Player-4465-00535AC9,“Grimzzy-Golemagg”,0x511,0x0,Creature-0-4469-1-143-3123-000067C86F,“Bloodtalon Scythemaw”,0x10a48,0x0
12/4 14:54:56.004 SPELL_DAMAGE,Player-4465-00535AC9,“Grimzzy-Golemagg”,0x511,0x0,Creature-0-4469-1-143-3123-000067C86F,“Bloodtalon Scythemaw”,0x10a48,0x0,14290,“Multi-Shot”,0x1,Creature-0-4469-1-143-3123-000067C86F,0000000000000000,0,100,0,0,0,-1,0,0,0,1165.89,-4228.00,1411,4.4596,9,450,483,274,1,0,0,0,nil,nil,nil
12/4 14:54:56.179 UNIT_DIED,0000000000000000,nil,0x80000000,0x80000000,Creature-0-4469-1-143-3123-000067C86F,“Bloodtalon Scythemaw”,0x10a48,0x0
12/4 14:54:56.300 SPELL_AURA_APPLIED,Player-4465-00535AC9,“Grimzzy-Golemagg”,0x511,0x0,Player-4465-00535AC9,“Grimzzy-Golemagg”,0x511,0x0,5118,“Aspect of the Cheetah”,0x8,BUFF
12/4 14:54:56.300 SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS,Player-4465-00535AC9,“Grimzzy-Golemagg”,0x511,0x0,0000000000000000,nil,0x80000000,0x80000000,5118,“Aspect of the Cheetah”,0x8,Player-4465-00535AC9,0000000000000000,100,100,0,0,0,-1,0,0,0,1160.78,-4248.98,1411,1.2279,60

Any and all help appreciated.

seems to be working now!

Still got the same problem. Stuck at “Reading Combat Log 0%”, even with Advanced Logs enabled. Ran Waycrest Manor tonight and enabled with /combatlog… Cleared the file beforehand. 80MB file now and several Encounter Started entries in the file. But still cannot upload log. The log seems to be written to since I see the entry in my reports, but with “no fights yet” message.

Make sure that the uploader has permission to write to your temp directory, and that the temp directory has available disk space/room, etc.

How can i grant write/read permission for the application (using windows 10)? I have more than enough free space… couldn’t event tell where to install the program to. even tried to run as administrator but with no luck

hadn’t had any luck still… Any answer on how I can grant read/write permissions? I already tried starting as administrator or set the settings of the whole directory so that anyone has full permissions

I don’t know for sure that this is the issue. It was just a guess.