Classic log stuck on Reading combat log 0% (MacOS Catalina)

Hey guys,

I tried to log my first CLASSIC raid tonight using warcraft logs, i have been logging retail raids for years with no problems, but this log (which looks totally fine to me) won’t upload at all. The uploader just sticks on “reading combat log” at 0% and never moves.

Any ideas please? It was our very first raid as a guild so i am keen to be able to use it as you can imagine.


I am using MacOS Catalina and im wondering if warcraft logs needs to be given some kind of security permissions somewhere to access the disk, because it just stays on reading at 0%

I went into ragefire chasm and killed like 3 mobs, and made a tiny combat log which also loks fine, however that wont upload either. So that means that its not my raid log but some probelm i am having with the client, please help!

Ok so the plot thickens, i just went into retail wow, did the same thing in ragefirechasm and the log uploaded with no problems at all. Now im totally at a loss :frowning:

Need Advanced Combat Logging enabled. Network pane of System preferences in-game.

I fixed the bug in the uploader that kept the error message telling you about this from showing.