Character not shown on some dps rankings


Im having an issue where my character “Ragen” is not shown on some bosses dps rankings on WarcraftLogs Classic for Naxxramas.

For example, you can see here that I have indeed killed Loatheb and did 1463dps. Now if we look at my server’s leaderboards here we can scroll down to where I should have been, but Im not there (around rank 36 currently). To my knowledge I was not using any illegal buffs. This is also the case on a few other bosses.

I have a theory for why this happens. I know for the raid which the above Loatheb fight took place at least 3 players logged and uploaded the fight. 2 uploaded it to public personal logs and 1 to the guild logs (No Name). I was one of those that uploaded to personal logs. I have later set those logs as untracked to see if it changed anything, but to no avail.

I appriciate any help! Thanks!