Cheated Logs/ speedhacking

Rank 1 DRG (Gomen Nasai from Gilgamesh)'s animation lock currently seems overtuned and impossible to achieve normally, consistent .58 animation lock dipping as low as .53, able to tripleweave without clipping inluding a noclip doubleweave pot. Theoretically possible to achieve .58 with normal means based on server ticks but not with the consistenty of this player. Examples picked just from one single encounter alone, and not every instance of .58 in said encounter

Most obvious example of gcd hacking:

.53 animation lock INTO a .58 lock. .53 animation lock goes beyond the reasonable .6 +/- difference in server ticks. Tripleweave achieved in 1.73 seconds (straight up insane). Not only were they able to triple weave, but with nearly .2 seconds of room before they clipped.
Rank 1 and rank 2’s logs for animation lock difference. Literally like night and day.
Previous logs of Gomen Nasai show reasonable animations lock, to suddenly having impossibly short locks meaning the XIV Alex tuning was done recently. Unable for any player to compete by normals means. Even logs from JP players, who tend to have 5-10 ping are unable to achieve consistent 580 locks. For further context, this person plays from Australia (confirmed via twitch) on NA servers and manages to achieve consistent sub .6 second double and triple weaves, way beyond the norm even by players extremely close to their own servers. Please look into it!