Character transfer - incorrect date, off by 1 year - ranking broken

Transferred my character from Stalagg (US) to Sulfuras (US) ~2 weeks ago. All logs were live logged to new guild via the uploader client - all of the fight info looks accurate and fight playback looks fine, but none of the uploads will rank. I had no issue with uploading or ranking prior to server transfer. It looks like a date bug, all of the live logs came in as 2019 - 1 year off.


  • No ranking
  • date off by 1 year


  • Verified advanced combat logging enabled
  • ‘export’ button - it queues, then shows blank ranking page.

Example broken reports

wow classic
uploader v4.2

Are you uploading someone else’s logs for them that is in a different time zone than you?

The issue here is that Blizzard does not include a year in the combat log and uses the client computer’s clock, so if the log contains a time that is in the future, then I have to assume it’s actually from the previous year.

Therefore either the logger’s system clock is set to a time in the future or you’re trying to hand off a log to another person to upload who is in a different timezone.

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That makes sense, thanks for the quick response. As you guessed, I don’t use the client computer for pushing logs. I checked the timezone on my logging vm and it turns out it was pst instead of edt. I’ve corrected the misaligned timezones, hopefully that fixes the issue. I’ll post again once I confirm the fix. Thanks!