Can't see my old Logs

Hello, i recently Transferred to a different realm and i get this error:

This character is untrackable and will break if you ever choose to rename this character or transfer it to another realm. Go to the Interface -> Social panel in-game and make sure Display Only Character Achievements To Others is unchecked.

Thing is, i never checked the Display character achievements thing ever in my life. And i re-synced my account multiple times and it still wont work.

I lost all my previous logs. check the last one, the one that i am having issues with.

I only transferred and did not change my name. I transferred multiple times over the course of me playing this game and this is the first time i get this sort of error.


Send mail to with the old name/server and new name/server.

Blizzard’s API is currently broken, so all transfers fail right now. I can fix it by hand for you though.