Can't get my character to show up on the uploader

I can’t get Warcraft Logs Uploader to show my character or my guild. I transferred to Illidan-Horde a few days ago, and as you can see, neither my character nor my guild are showing up on the uploader. This makes it impossible for me to log.

I expect to see:
Kearndog - with a horde icon
Topped Off (the guild I’m in) for Illidan Horde as an option for uploading

What I have tried.
-updated Adobe Air
-uninstalled and reinstalled warcraft logs uploader
-deleted my link in warcraftlogs and relinked my account
-relogged on WoW and warcraft logs multiple times. Restarted WoW
-Deleted my log file
-Changed my password on WarcraftLogs

I literally can’t find anything else to try.
I’m getting pretty frustrated. Please help

Bump. Anybody know?

If Topped Off chose to use manual guild management, then you have to get the join code from them and apply and be promoted. Some guilds choose this paranoid style of management over just letting management be Automatic and handled by character linking.