Cannot upload personal logs

When I attempt to upload a log, I get the following message in FF Logs Uploader v3.2.3.

Error: For personal logs, you must specify the region you are uploading to. Hit the Choose… button above and pick a region.

There is no choose button or menu option in the uploader application that I can see. I’ve also looked at my account and character information on the FF Logs site and don’t see anything related to setting a region.

Please let me know what I’m missing. Thanks in advance.

Click your personal logs box or the Choose… button to the right of it un the uploader, and then you can pick the region from the set of choices that appear.

I see. Thank you.

It took ages to find this - there’s no way to select the region at the point you get the error, and there’s no “Choose… button above”.

So you have to go back to the start, click “personal logs” (wasn’t obvious this element wasn’t selected), where you can choose the region… and then spend minutes re-analyzing the combat log :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to add the validation check before progressing to the analyze phase, where you still have the option to correct the issue?

Ah, yeah, that’s sub-optimal, although it really only occurs if you had Select Specific Raids To Upload checked (which is not the default) along with having never uploaded to Personal Logs before. I may see what I can do there, but it’s a pretty uncommon scenario.

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