Gorefiend Ranks not working

My guild killed Mythic Gorefiend and can’t seem to get the rankings to work for us. When we click export it does show the rankings, but if you refresh the page it doesn’t work. All the other rankings worked, only gorefiend wouldn’t.


Gorefiend log is incomplete and missing both the ENCOUNTER_START event and the COMBATANT_INFO events that follow.

Thank you for the reply. Is that possible to fix or basically lost for good?

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/NqMkQ8FG3g9BYC2L#fight=80 We have the same thing :frowning: even trying to reupload it. Is our bug the same too? kinda sad cause we had the #2 fastest kill recorded yesterday and I had rank 1 moonkin by almost 18k…

This is a long standing bug with Gorefiend that is now more obvious because of the new restriction to require the COMBATANT_INFO events in order to collect talents and gear information. I doubt Blizzard will fix it.

For now I cannot do anything about this, since I’m requiring COMBATANT_INFO in order to keep old HFC parses from contaminating pre-patch ranks. In other words, it’s how I’m telling new parses from old ones.

At some point here, I might be able to relax the restriction, once people have gotten 6.x kills out of their log files.

Also looks like Gorefiend is messed up and not logging correctly when phased, so what look like great ranks may just be because you didn’t get sent downstairs. Basically the whole fight is borked right now. I let Blizzard know about these issues.


Any chance to fix this log? Talents not shown for my Rogue so the log is not listed anywhere in rankings

Hey - not sure if this is also documented but I guess this issue stems from the same problem. On our kilrogg log this week while inside the vision I was just shown as casting nothing the entire time.

Log in question ~ https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/ka2yFtC9pBGc7hgz#fight=65&type=damage-done