[Bug Report] Zone Name isn't properly converted

I tried to upload a log for the Tam-Tara Deepcroft. The upload worked but it doesn’t load for me (it’s stuck at “Loading data…”).

I got curious and tried to find out what the error was. Chrome complains about the returned JSON data from the server: “Unexpected token in JSON at position 135”

Here’s the beginning of the returned JSON:
{ “fights”:[{ “id”:1, “start_time”:60537687, “end_time”:60728697, “boss”:0, “name”:“Ak-Inik Varlet”, “zoneID”:164, “zoneName”: “The TamTara Deepcroft” }

Seems like something went wrong with the dungeon name.

I’m confused. That looks fine to me.

Here’s the list of char codes: [84, 104, 101, 32, 84, 97, 109, 3, 84, 97, 114, 97, 32, 68, 101, 101, 112, 99, 114, 111, 102, 116]
The char code of the dash is 3 which is weird because that code is special in ASCII (end of text marker).
The cause of that weird character is FFXIV or ACT since it’s written that way in the log as well.

Do you have a link to the report so I can test a fix?


thank you very much. does someone know when it’s going to work again?

I have two suggestions for this:

  • Display an actual error message whenever updateFightsAndParticipantsFailed is called so people aren’t wondering why it’s stuck on the loading screen.
  • Assuming the server uses PHP, something like preg_replace(’/[^\x20-\x7E]/’, ‘’, $data) should solve the problem by removing all characters outside the range of 32 and 126 which should contain all regular ASCII characters.

This thread seems to be related to the same problem and contains more logs with the same problem: Recent logs stuck on "Loading Data..." forever

This is being fixed at the ACT level. I may still put in a workaround for the broken logs, but watch for a new FFXIV plug-in release for ACT that fixes the zone names to not include this character.

Thanks a lot!