Recent logs stuck on "Loading Data..." forever

The last few logs I’ve uploaded get stuck at “Loading Data” when I try to view them. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, since prior logs work.

Here’s a few that are stuck:

Any help or direction would be really great. Please let me know if there’s any other information I could provide.

This seems to be the same error that I encountered.
In the first link the problem is the dash in “Toto-Rak”. It seems that FF XIV always uses that character for dashes (at least in names).

Thanks for the heads up! I didn’t notice that common point with all the logs, but I’ll keep an eye open, since I’ve run into it a buncha more times since then, almost always with regards to low-level roulette (so it’s likely!). Is there any info I can help provide, for the time being?

This is being fixed at the ACT level. I may still put in a workaround for the broken logs, but watch for a new FFXIV plug-in release for ACT that fixes the zone names to not include this character.