Bug: Incorrect zoom parameters set when filtering a resource beyond the final resource event in Resource graph

When filtering a resource by highlighting a timeframe in the Resource graph, the end zoom parameter will be incorrectly set to the end of the log if you highlight past the last resource event in the graph. This is recreatable and easy to do if you filter by Hit Points and find any player that died and did not get ressed before the encounter ended, or filtering by Insanity and finding a priest that died to Surrender to Madness before the encounter ended.

Recreation Steps:

  • Open Log
  • Resources
  • Pick specific player
  • Highlight a small section of the resource graph timeline close to the end of the resources and then highlight through the final resource but not to the end of the timeline. Ex:

  • Note that the Start zoom is correct but the End zoom parameter is set to the end of the encounter. Ex:

It works fine if you highlight any point within the Resource graph where resources exist, but if you highlight to just outside it will always extend through to the end of the encounter.