[bug] 3.77 version upload blank reports for beta

what i upload - http://puu.sh/pLeKe/545a4f3a8b.jpg
what i receive - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/YbRHcadFQX1t3Mph/

upload - http://puu.sh/pLeMW/116823eda0.jpg
receive - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/HwYhfybJPBmXRdpc/

i try to upload dozen old logs with same results…

Can you give me a raw log for say that first one? I was trying to improve the Mythic+ dungeon splitting for uploading specific fights and it sounds like I broke something there.

these 2 logs in 1st post - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ayu876m8u4jciuj/warcraftlogsarchive.rar?dl=0

So what happened here is these are logs of partial Mythic+ runs. They are all missing the CHALLENGE_MODE_START event that signals the beginning of the run. They do contain the CHALLENGE_MODE_END event though for when you finished the runs.

I am curious if you started logging after the run had started, or if this is Blizzard’s bug and they didn’t properly fire the start event. It’s definitely missing from the logs, but I’m hoping it’s just because you started logging after the keystone had been activated.

I have pushed v3.78 of the client to handle this better. I now turn all of the fights in partial Mythic+ runs into trash, so you can still upload it if you want, but they won’t show up as boss fights, since the run is incomplete. Without the start event, it’s pretty much impossible for me to understand to push all these trash fights together into one run, so I figured it’s better to just turn it all into trash for now.

DBM auto enable combatlog after encounter_start event and stop loggion after encounter_end
i log this way because i never need log of mythic+ run as a full challenge run - i need only bosses without any thrash…

another bugs with upload v3.78

what parser see - http://puu.sh/pN960/43c777582a.jpg
but it don’t see maw of soul m+4 run completly:
7/2 01:45:12.980 ENCOUNTER_START,1822,“Ymiron, the Fallen King”,8,5
7/2 01:46:02.932 ENCOUNTER_END,1822,“Ymiron, the Fallen King”,8,5,1
7/2 01:51:54.215 ENCOUNTER_START,1823,“Harbaron”,8,5
7/2 01:52:56.798 ENCOUNTER_END,1823,“Harbaron”,8,5,1
7/2 01:58:59.356 ENCOUNTER_START,1824,“Helya”,8,5
7/2 02:01:35.129 ENCOUNTER_END,1824,“Helya”,8,5,1

log - https://www.dropbox.com/s/l8hm6iubytkms3z/WoWCombatLog-archive-2016-07-01T23-20-58.831Z.rar?dl=0

Ok will look into it. Thanks for the raw log.

So the problem here is you logged the CHALLENGE_MODE_START event for Darkheart Thicket. The end event is never seen. You then logged Maw of Souls but missed its CHALLENGE_MODE_START event. The CHALLENGE_MODE_END event is then seen for Maw of Souls when Helya dies. I am mistakenly just making all of this one successful dungeon as a result. I’ll add code to compare the start/end and see if they are a mismatch.

This log is a mess though. Unless I add code to the client to know every single boss of every possible dungeon, I’m not going to understand that you switched dungeons when END/START events are missing.

It would be cool if Blizzard added a field to ENCOUNTER_START/END for Mythic+ dungeons only that identified the owning dungeon. I’ll talk to them about adding that field, but not holding my breath.

I’m convinced this CHALLENGE_MODE_START event is bogus and shouldn’t have fired. You had already engaged Dresaron, firing his ENCOUNTER_START event, and then a second or two into the fight a CHALLENGE_MODE_START event fired. This makes no sense and should not have fired. I’ll let Blizzard know.

as i remember before Dresaron encounter i have a huge lag and then even dced - this faked CHALLENGE_MODE_START event fires after 1min silence in log - so i think it’s fired when i come online.

Cool, I will pass that information on.