Boss Damage (Restricted, DPS) Ranking Bugged

Server Sulfuras Boss Damage (Restricted, DPS)
Me and a couple of guildies show up without guild names our guild is Epitome. Also if we search faction specific we dont appear in that leader board which is wierd. #3 Horde guild in Sulfuras. Sucks we cant see where we stack in dps vs our own faction seems like a bug.
[Rebeccawhite], [Ocbaby], [Sincrux]

This link is so you see we dont appear in faction specific search.

That means the ranking was uploaded to personal logs by one of your raiders. If this bugs you, tell them to take it down or make it private.

Wait so if he makes it private then the guild name will show up ? I want to appear in the horde leaderboard.

Yes, that’s the source of both issues. If you upload to personal logs, I have no idea what the guild is (since Classic has no API from Blizzard), and I get the faction from knowing the guild.

Thank you!