Battle For Azeroth Ability Consolidation

Let me know what abilities are now misplaced or unconsolidated when moving from Legion to BfA. Thanks.

Ok referring to my discord post.
Survival has couple of abilities with different spellids even though they do the same thing. They should be grouped up with each other to make logs easier to look at and less messy/confusing.

  • Raptor Strike/Mongoose bite: RS/MB gains a new spellid after we get the buff Aspect of the Eagle; nothing changes about it’s damage, only the range increases.-log1withRS- -log2withMB-

  • Chakrams: Chakrams has 3 different spellids for just 1 ability (once for damage it does when it travels to maintarget, once back and all damage on non maintarget) -log-

  • Wildfire Bomb: WFB has 2 specific spellids, one for the impact of the bomb and one for the dot. This can easily be grouped up. -log-

  • Wildfire Infusion: Whenever we talent into WFI then our ability Wildifre Bomb turns into 3 different bombs, every impact and every dot that all these bombs have, create a new damage source. We also get Violent Reaction and Internal Bleeding from Wildfire Infusion. So in total we get 8 separate damage sources. It’s best to group up all the impacts+dots from all the bombs together and keep Internal Bleeding and Violent Reaction separate. -log-