The "Beautiful Damage/Healing/Casts" Project

So one of the big things I’m working on now for LEGION ONLY is making the damage, healing and cast tables and timelines views display things in a more intuitive way for each WoW spec. The basic idea is to take some of the clunkier implementation details and hide them by default from the user.

The main design philosophy is to try to make as much as possible the entries in your list contain only active button press abilitiies and pure DoTs/HoTs.

There is now a new column for average hit for cast, so the goal is to be able to see at a glance how much damage an ability really did.

For example, for Fury warriors, you hit Rampage, and you then make 5 escalating damage strikes. The best way to present Rampage is as a single ability in the table that can then be opened up to see the 5 individual abilities if needed. This way you can easily see the average damage per cast of Rampage, etc.

I am having to decide for each spec how to consolidate abilities. I am making this thread so people can provide feedback as I complete each spec (or in advance of my working on a spec) regarding what you would like to see in your spec’s view.

I’m also going to keep this thread updated with all the specs that I have completed (and that are ready for feedback).

Reminder: This work is Legion-only. It is not going to apply to older logs.

Fury Warrior

Frost DK

Unholy DK

Blood DK

Beast Mastery Hunter

MM Hunter

Enhancement Shaman

Elemental Shaman

Resto Shaman

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I have a list of spell merges for all classes i contribute to the xCT+ addon. I will type more of them later after i get home but here is a example:

Monk, Windwalker:


  • {Trigger: 205320} [222029] Artifact: Strike of the Windlord (Mainhand) -> [205414] Artifact: Strike of the Windlord (Offhand)


  • [117418] Spell: Fists of Fury -> [196061] Artifact, Crosswinds (Additional damage caused by FoF)

Edit: Added in ‘Trigger’ in case you care for the actual ability ID that triggers the damage events.

Yeah that’s useful. That’s exactly what I’m doing (and the base cast, i.e., “trigger” is typically what I canonicalize to).

Rogue: Assassination


  • {Ability: 1329} [5374] Mutilate (Mainhand) -> [27576] Mutilate (Offhand)

  • {Ability: 2823} [113780] Deadly Poison (Instant) <-> [2818] Deadly Poison (DoT)


  • {Ability: 51723} [51723] Fan of Knives -> [113780] Artifact, Poison Knives

Poison Knives: Poisoned weapons have a chance to deal (14.2% of Attack power) Nature damage to a target already affected by Deadly Poison.

Unholy DK Is complete. That was a tough and involved one. :slight_smile:

Blood DK is done.

Havoc Demon Hunter:

Chaos Strike + Annihilation - Chaos strike becomes Annihilation during Metamorphosis
Blade Dance + Death Sweep - Same thing, Blade Dance becomes Death Sweep during Meta.

If you don’t want to combine these, then they each have extra log stuff anyway (1 button pretty much makes 4 bars, so 1 or 2 would be better for each one)


Talents - Bloodlet procs off Throw Glaive

Probably cant track this, but if you can possible seperate your button press from Chaos Strike and then the extra cleave damage you do from Chaos Cleave? That way you can see how much damage you’re actually doing with the talent if you’re in range or not. Though that may be too much.

EDIT: You could add the Artifact talent ‘Inner Demons’ as part of Chaos strike too since it procs off that button.

Beast Mastery hunter is done.

MM Hunters have been finished.

Enhancement Shaman are done.

A Few Windwalker and general monk code values:
Rising sun Kick has a trigger of 107428 (comes up a SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS)
However every damaging value whether it’s the primary spell that is “pressed” or any procs comes up as 185099.

  • Monk Windwalker trinket proc - 185099 (procs from Blackout Kick, Rising Sun Kick, or the last tick of Fists of Fury)
  • Tornado Kick artifact trait proc - 185099 (happens RIGHT after a normal pressed Rising Sun Kick press but at 25% BASE damage (can crit)

Chi Wave - Trigger - 115098
Alternates between heal and damage 7 times total (can start with either heal or damage)

  • heal - 132463
  • damage - 132467

Eye of the Tiger - 196607
Dot on target both deals damage to target (only 1 target at a time) and heals the player who placed the dot
Dot - 196608 (effect 1 = heal; effect 2 = damage)

Chi Burst - 123986
heals any player and damage any target in it’s path
Heal - 130654
damage - 148135

As mentioned before, Crosswinds is another.

if you have any questions just hit me up either on twitter or discord (I’m in the WCL channel)