Balance Druid bug

There was a bug yesterday that’s been hotfixed involving a Balance Druid and a Holy Priest. A druid with the innervate trait Lively Spirit could innervate a Holy Priest and have the priest use Holy Word: Salvation granting 40+ stacks of Lively Spirit 1 for each new application of Renew and Prayer of mending, which has since been hotfixed to give 1 stack. Normal lively spirit stacks are 8-12 depending on the healer with a max of 16 using a Mistweaver Monk during Bloodlust. This will generally give 2-4k int depending on how many Lively Spirit traits you use, but with the bug most were getting 16k+ int. it’s easy to track which druids used the bug since their spell power will spike to 24k+ while under normal use it will be around 9-14k

most of the top balance logs using triple Lively Spirit are using the bug for mythic and heroic here are some examples from mythic:
2 holy priests:

Using it on holy priest with salv and then without salv:
(you can see the bug vs non bug clearly here)

heroic is far more rampant with the bug as well

This bug was patched sometime before last night. Hopefully these logs will be removed.