Avatar does not show

Hi, when i log into WCL my character avatar does not show, nor does it when linked in discord. How can i update it? It used to work but i changed realms and its not working any more, even tho i updated realms.

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Hi there, go to the Blizzard forums and update the activity for the character you’ve claimed (by liking a post on the Blizzard forums with that character claimed), then click Update in the top right of the Warcraft Logs character page.

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So in the Blizzard forums the names do not match:

I tried what you suggested but still not showing.

I had to change name when i switched realms and it’s never worked since.

I’m also not 100% sure what you mean by Blizzard forums

Pyrewood Village is an EU-English realm, so you want to go to the EU forums here: World of Warcraft Forums

Log in with your account, and you can pick your character in the top right here:

Select the Character you want to update, then like a post on the forums to update the activity. You can check the activity and make sure the profile is updated here too.


After that is done, go to the Warcraft Logs character page and press ‘Update’ in the top right.

Awesome, thank you so much! Now working.