AST Sect Seperation

Hey, love FFLogs - have this small suggestion however.

Astrologians Sects pretty much fundamentally change the role the Astrologian will play in content, either moving it between taking the WHM or SCHs job resulting in a large variation of parses where some players are taking the less healing heavy but DPS-heavy SCH role or taking the WHM role. This change is, in my opinion at least, significant enough to consider seperating Astro into 2 seperate “jobs” depending on the sect you are using.

Perhaps something like Astrologian (N) and Astrologian (D)? Or having an optional filter would be great too.

Yeah, I really like this idea. Note you can filter on this right now in rankings, though, using the ability filter, since you could use it to look for the appropriate spells that are unique to each sect.