[API] question related Rankings endpoint

Hi there,

I am currently working on an app my raid team can use to keep track of several things regarding the team including data from warcraft logs.

I am currently working with the Rankings endpoint and i was wondering something about the response.
If no Zone is given, it should return “the last open raid”.

What exactly is the “last open raid”.
For example, today i logged ZG run that should be the “last” raid, but when i fetch rankings i get a BWL rankings response.

How exactly does this endpoint work or what does it return exactly if no zone is given?

Cheers for any info.

It’s the default zone that is open in the sidebar. In retail WoW, there’s only one raid open at a time, so it’s poor phrasing when applied to Classic. :). That doc was written long before Classic WCL came into existence.

Thanks for the clarification.
I am wondering if there will be new endpoints or improved endpoints coming to the classic api, i.o.w. is the classic api still being developed on?

Cheers for the current api providing data to the players!