API data from 7.2


I used the API on my website pre-7.2 to get information about new applicants for our guild. But now its pretty unreliable, because it seems like the API is not up2date.

for example: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/v1/rankings/character/Smoothyy/Aegwynn/EU?zone=11&metric=dps&api_key=API_KEY_HERE

When I check the difficulties, the tables only show 5 kills on difficulty 5(mythic). But we’re currently progressing Elisande with 8 bosses down, which just doesn’t show up, although we logged all of the fights. We killed 5 bosses pre-7.2, which would fit the api result above.

Is there a possibility to get the information for 7.2 only? Like another keyword in the API URL like ‘&gameversion=7.2’.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: nvm. found it. Was looking through the rankings and noticed I can switch between 7.1.5 and 7.2, which adds a “partition=1” to the URL. Tried it with the API and it worked. This problem is solved!