Alexander: Midas Info?

So in order to get Alexander: Midas detection going, I need the following information:

(1) Zone ID - I can get this myself from uploaded logs, but only after Ravahn fixes a bug in the ACT plug-in that is causing people using DX11 clients to not pick it up.

(2) English boss names. Let me know what the boss names are for A5-A8. All mobs that should be considered bosses should be included. For example, I considered the legs on Manipulator in A4 to be boss mobs, so if there’s something similar to that, let me know.

(3) Victory conditions. What has to die to win.

(4) Encounter timeout. If there are long periods where you can’t damage anything (e.g., Oppressor air phase in A1), let me know.

(5) Minibosses? Is there another Faust at the start of A5, like there was in A1?

(6) Any debuffs or buffs unique to the fight that affect your damage? For example, on A1 you could get a minimum debuff that hurt your damage. On A2, mobs could get Vuln Up that increased damage players did to them. I need to know this stuff for DoT computations.

Blockers for opening up rankings for A5:

(1) Bigbulge Biggerbrain. Damage taken by the boss is reduced. Need testing to understand if DoTs update dynamically (like on Ravana) or if snapshot rules apply. Need to determine magnitude of damage reduction. The buff extra info field has a 39 in it, which could mean 39% reduction or maybe 1 / 1.39 = 28% reduction? Not sure.

(2) Headache debuff that stacks. Reduces damage dealt. Unclear by how much per stack and if additive or multiplicative.

Bigbulge Biggerbrain respects normal DoT snapshotting rules. It’s a 0.7 multiplier, so e.g., 100 points of damage becomes 70 instead.

Headache is additive and drops you by 0.1 per stack, so at 3 stacks of Headache, you’re looking at a 0.7 multiplier.

I need a raw log of A5S in order to study Anti-Coagulant. It’s not being recognized as a DoT by my code for some reason, and I am at a loss as to why. If someone could get me a raw log (doesn’t have to be a kill), I would be most appreciative.