Account managment

First of all - new interface for Encounters so cute. Nice job, thanks.

  1. I have 2 wow account that united in 1 account(one - for EU and another one - for US). Each wow account has different battle tag. In account config on warcraftlogs I can set only 1 region for displaying my characters. Any chance to to be able to set more than 1 region and display all of my characters?
  2. My guild has closed logs. I can’t find any logs with my characters when I use search form. I mean, if in search field i write one of my characters name - no logs will be found. Even if this character displayed in Characters and Guilds in account config. The same when I choose my character on account config page. Don’t know is this so conceived or not. Maybe you can do something with this(maybe character confirm if needed)

The character pages show exported parses, i.e., rankings. Private logs have no ranks, and therefore I have nothing to show. I am aware that people who log privately would like to have their logs export “ranks”… that, however, is extremely difficult for me to do technically right now, and I’d have to be very careful to avoid having that private log data leak out.

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